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Aug 20, 2022

The Free (DFY) Done For You Marketing System(s) Is…

Orlando Gooch

I will be your personal marketing account manager for your DFY Marketing System(s)

I’m an independent contractor for ALL the DFY Marketing Systems.

I will build and manage your DFY Marketing System(s) for you!

To get you going I will assign you 5,000 Ad Credits and place the ads for you in AdRevSplit and the other Auto Faucet Programs our team is working on to promote your DFY Marketing System(s).

Yes… I will make sure those ad credits are programmed to one or all of the DFY Marketing System(s) I build for you either as a TEXT ad or a 125X125 Banner ad.

I will manage your advertising for you by paying me to place your DFY Marketing System(s) ads in Network Ad Space PLUS AdRevSplit.com and PassiveDrip.com and the other Auto Faucet Systems you are involved in.

I can buy the advertising at discount prices and pass the savings on to you BUT I must buy and personally place your ads for your DFY Marketing System(s) on ALL the Advertising Properties found by CLICKING HERE

To keep your FREE DFY Marketing System(s) you MUST keep your DFY Marketing System(s) active by having me place ads. 

YES… you can do your own advertising BUT if I do not see any activity in the form of NEW prospects asking ME to build a Free DFY Marketing System for them at least once per week I will give YOUR DFY Marketing System to a NEW member.

Here’s what you receive when I build YOUR Free DFY Marketing System for you.

  • A Lead Cap Page that looks like the one that brought you here BUT programmed to YOU with your referral links.
  • I will personally work with your prospects building them a Free DFY Marketing System making sure they join through ALL of your referral links!
  • You will receive an email notification when one of your prospects joins one of your DFY Marketing System(s) with their name and email.
  •   I will program a series of email autoresponders programmed with your other DFY Marketing Systems and opportunities.

All you do is make sure you keep your DFY Marketing System(s) active by having me buy the advertising for you and/or you buy your own advertising, and I will do selling and programming for the DFY Marketing System Members that come in through YOUR DFY Marketing System(s).


Message me in my Social Blast Club profile by CLICKING HERE  

Orlando Gooch


Hello, everyone Orlando Gooch here is an online marketer seeking to find the best way to communicate good reliable content in hopes to reach those looking for what I provide in any industry.

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